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Dona DK superwash merino by Fibra Natura

Finding an alternative to acrylic yarn for washable apparel

Depending on your first experiences in knitting, on who taught you, on your taste, on your budget, and on a ...
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Yarn Sheaves Stitch Pattern

How to knit wrapped stitches

This little jacket features a cute wrapped stitch pattern, and the Bamboo Pop yarn I used to make the jacket ...
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Baby jacket knit with Bamboo Pop

3 projects I would knit with Bamboo Pop yarn

Project 1 The first item I would knit with Universal Yarn's Bamboo Pop would be a market bag or a ...
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Full length of color pattern repeat

3 techniques for knitting with variegated yarn

Bamboo Pop Yarn comes in variegated colorways. Many people fall in love with multi-colored or variegated yarns when they see ...
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Washed and unwashed Bamboo Pop

3 ways washing your knitting affects your gauge

In the picture below, the 10 stitches to the right are part of a washed swatch and the 10 stitches ...
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Bamboo Pop yarn

Knitting with bamboo-cotton yarn

When I first heard about bamboo yarn a few years ago, I was really curious what it would be like ...
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Phone cozy

Knit a phone cozy with pizzazz

What could be more fun to knit with some great cotton yarn that's been glitzed up? I thought a phone ...
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Short row tips for mitts or toes

Knitting with space-dyed yarns

I personally am thrilled with the variety of approaches Universal Yarn Inc. took to develop different colorways and dye methods ...
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Slouchy tam

Make a splash with Cotton Supreme Yarn

This is one of the variations on a theme that Universal Yarn Inc. has developed with their soft and light ...
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Easy child's sweater

Knitting for kids with Cotton Supreme yarn

I'm probably dating myself, but do you remember when blue jeans were stitched with this coppery orange thread? Was that ...
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Cotton Supreme swatches

Introducing a soft 100% worsted weight cotton yarn

For the last few weeks I've been swatching and designing with Cotton Supreme, a yarn by Universal Yarn Inc. that's ...
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Bamboo Bloom Cowl

Bamboo Bloom yarn makes knit cowl unique to you

First, I've got to say that I love how these photos turned out. I finally managed to catch the sheen ...
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Avoiding pooling textures with thick and thin yarn

How to avoid pooling in knit fabric

In this swatch I've knit up, you can see that there are no instances of row upon row of the ...
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Purl side stockinette on size 6.5mm needles

3 reasons to use larger needles with thick and thin yarn

As we saw in the last post, knittingĀ thick and thin yarn with smaller needles has certain advantages, and also results ...
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Bamboo Bloom in stockinette stitch on US7 [4.5mm] needles

Exploring gauge with thick and thin yarn

Basically you can knit with thick and thin yarn at any gauge, but you'll need to experiment a little to ...
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Bamboo Bloom yarn

The thick and thin of Bamboo Bloom yarn

A perfect yarn for the in-between seasons of spring and fall, Bamboo Bloom is a lovely textured fiber that lends ...
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Wrong side of wisteria ribbing

Try this ribbing to edge your knitted sweaters

Today we continue our exploration of ways to change a stitch pattern. Yesterday we looked at inserting a column of ...
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Wisteria pattern with inset stitches added

1 essential tip about changing a knitting stitch pattern!

Today we end our travels through making changes to a stitch pattern. We've tried switching out knits for purls and ...
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Wisteria pattern with added stitches

Adding stitches to a knitting stitch pattern

When a stitch pattern seems compact to you, or you don't want an all-over effect, it's a good time to ...
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Right side, version 2 of wisteria stitch pattern

Come over to the purl side!

Today we'll continue our series on how, when, and why to change stitch patterns. We'll continue to use the wisteria ...
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