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A wisteria vine

When, how, and why change stitch patterns in knitting

Stitch dictionaries abound, and you can always find a new idea for a stitch pattern on Pinterest or with a ...
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Eyelash Stitch

How to knit the eyelash stitch

This week has been all about adding texture to your knits. We’ve explored rosettes, which are petite versions of bobbles ...
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Twisting and crossing stitches to the left.

Don’t get cross! Twist your stitches with panache!

In early lessons, most knitters are shown how to avoid twisting stitches. We work hard at figuring out which is ...
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Three wraps

2 rarely used stitches to spice up your knitting

Okay, so you've used garter stitch a lot and graduated to stockinette, or reverse stockinette, and maybe you've tried combinations ...
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Horizontal Chain created by half-double crochet stitches

Would you bind off in the middle of knitting a row?

For many knitters, binding off, or casting off (as most Commonwealth country knitters call it), is one of the favorite ...
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Yarn over hook

When a bobble isn’t a bobble…

In this mini blog series, I’m excited to be exploring textures in knitting. We will look at a variety of ...
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