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Edge of triangular scarf featuring scalloped edges, all worked in garter stitch

Knit a shawlette with non-allergenic yarn

This week, we're knitting with Naked Sock and Allegro by Wisdom Yarns. These are non-allergenic yarns and excellent for those ...
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A series of I-cord cast ons and garter stitch alternating to create an edging technique

Using a knit I-cord as a cast-on technique

This week we're using Allegro and Naked Sock, two non-allergenic yarns, in our exploration of I-cord, in this case, how ...
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Placing the cable cast on stitch back onto the left needle

How to knit on an I-cord edging

A couple pairs of socks and a shawl later (see yesterday's post), I thought how fun it would be to ...
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A delicate lace shawl with a triangular lace border made out of red colorway called Cardinal Rule

Non-allergenic shawls and socks with Allegro and Naked Sock yarn

This week, we're looking at 2 non-wool Wisdom yarns by Universal Yarn. Yesterday, I described the fiber content (what is ...
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Naked Sock and Saki Bamboo yarn, plus Rainbow Wood knitting needles!

KNITmuch Giveaway 084: Naked Sock and Saki Bamboo Yarn

Enter now for your chance to win this new giveaway! Two of the best choices for knitting socks: Naked Sock ...
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A ball of Naked Sock in the purple-lime-orange colorway and a ball of Allegro in the blue-teal-grey colorway of non-allergenic sock yarns.

Knitting with Wisdom Yarns Naked Sock and Allegro, the non-allergenic yarns

This week we'll look at 2 sister yarns by Wisdom Yarns that are truly the answer to the question, “can ...
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