What does dropped stitch lace look like?

This week I’ve been writing about knitting socks and dropped stitch lace using Wisdom Yarn’s Prose. Today I’ll reveal what the dropped stitch lace looks like after you drop all the stitches. Here’s a before picture and you can read more details about this in yesterday’s post. And this is what…

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7 go-to recipes for successful toe-up socks

This week we’re knitting with Prose by Wisdom Yarns. Yesterday, I delved into Prose’s colorways, structure, and characteristics. Today we’ll look at knitting toe-up socks. I’m working on a pair of cuff-down socks. I keep asking myself why I did this. I mean, I love toe-up socks. I always knit…

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Knitting with Prose self-striping sock yarn

This week I’ll be knitting with Prose Sock Yarn. It’s a superwash wool yarn that is produced by Wisdom Yarns. Below, you can see the “Foxy” colorway. I really like the blend of warm grays and taupe with the bright stripe of a warm, foxy orange. Prose Sock Yarn is…

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