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Red Heart' Scrubby Cotton - one strand of Lemony flanked on each side by a strand of Jade. Lit from the top right of the photo, the texture is emphasized in the resulting shadows in the foreground.

5 tips for knitting with textured yarn

In my post on Monday, I briefly mentioned that Scrubby Cotton is a highly textured yarn and doesn’t flow the ...
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You can really see the 'waves' in Unforgettable Waves in the texture of this hat.

What knitting projects are ideal for Unforgettable Waves yarn

When I received Red Heart's Unforgettable Waves in the mail, I immediately looked up pattern support for it. I wanted ...
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So much texture but they look so neat at the same time!

The thick and thin of knitting with Unforgettable Waves yarn

The other yarn we're talking about this week is Red Heart’s Unforgettable Waves from their Boutique line. This is a thick ...
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