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Grab 4 skeins of your favorite Uptown Worsted color, US7 [4.5mm] needles, and a cable needle, and you'll be ready to start this cushion cover.

Knitting your Uptown Worsted cushion cover

If you've been reading along with us this week on KNITmuch, you'll know we've been starting on a cushion cover ...
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Are you new to cables? Try this basic cabled rib stitch and you'll be one step closer to being a cable expert.

Knitting a classic: cables and ribbing

We're continuing our tour of Uptown Worsted yarn this week, and break away from the knit and purl texture patterns ...
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Cabled stitches are beautiful and easier to learn than you might think! A cable needle is an essential tool for this technique.

Knitting with cables – Part 2!

Today we're continuing with our lesson in knitting with cables which we started yesterday! In yesterday's post we looked at ...
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C4L (left cable over 4 sts) Step 1: Slip 2 sts onto cable needle.

Knitting with cables – easier than it seems!

Happy Monday, dear knitters! This week on the KNITmuch blog, we're looking at a few more accessories and tools that ...
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