The creme de la knitting creme cotton yarn

This week we’ve got two beautiful yarns from Red Heart; the one I’m going to go over today is called Creme de la Creme. This is a worsted weight cotton that comes in so many colors it will give you some serious indecision. This is a yarn that I get…

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3 tips for mixing Scrubby Yarn with other yarns

With all the talk yesterday about spring cleaning, it made me think about the different types of scrubbies you can use; sometimes you want them big, small, thick, thin, soft or rough. With the myriad of different jobs we use these scrubbies for, it makes sense that we would knit…

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New yarn: Red Heart’s Scrubby Sparkle

We covered Red Heart’s Scrubby for one fun week last year in May, but Red Heart has gone and made it better. I’m so pleased to have a chance to play with their new edition of the Scrubby yarn, Scrubby Sparkle, and give you a sneak preview of this very…

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