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"It's a center-pull ball! I'm not in the way!"

The 3 levels of knitting and pet fur

Every knitter who has a furry pet struggles with pet hair in their knitting. When I was first starting out ...
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Here's a close up of our finished product!

A new spin on garlands with Red Heart Sashay Fringe yarn

Decorating your home with yarn! Holiday garlands have been an essential part of seasonal decorating for a very long time ...
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Finished product!

6 essentials when knitting a holiday stocking with fur trim

You're not going to want to hang this on the mantle! With the holiday season soon approaching it’s time for ...
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The Positive Pink Ruffles scarf pattern made with the Red Heart Boutique Sashay Fringe yarn.

The benefits of knitting with Sashay Fringe yarn

Sashay your way onto the Fringe of Fashion Red Heart’s Sashay Fringe yarn is a very interesting and unique product, ...
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A knitted hat with a beard is a perfect addition to a Halloween costume. Be a lumberjack? An elf?

A knitted hat with a beard

The pattern for a beard With Halloween coming up, I thought a knitted hat with a beard would be an ...
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Red Heart Boutique Sashay Fringe and Fur yarn

The Right Job for the Right Yarn

Are you Pairing Yarn and Project the Wrong Way? Last month, during the yarn review of Red Heart’s Boutique yarns ...
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Red Heart Boutique Sashay Fringe and Fur

Boutique Yarns Fur vs Sashay Fringe

Would You Like Fur with That? Today I am going to be talking about two Red Heart Boutique yarns, Sashay ...
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