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The 3 levels of knitting and pet fur

Every knitter who has a furry pet struggles with pet hair in their knitting. When I was first starting out it really REALLY bothered me that there was all this cat hair in my knitting. I vacuumed, I swept, I washed the throws on the couches, but there was still…

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How to knit a heel flap

Getting Comfy with a Dreaded Sock Technique My last post was about the amazing properties of knitting socks with Red Heart’s Heart & Sole yarn, anywhere and how they’re really not that intimidating. The question I’m asked the most about sock knitting is the heel flap. This is my favorite…

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Red Heart Lacy Summer Shawl

A Garment that Retains the Best Memories of your Summer This lacy summer shawl is knit up with Red Heart With Love yarn. When I was looking at this yarn with designing patterns in mind, I kept coming back to a memory of camping as a child. After the sun…

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