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Four more ideas for Clean Cotton Big yarn

Whew! What fun I’ve been having with Clean Cotton Big! This super bulky (6-8 sts to 4″ [10cm]) yarn knits up quickly on Knitter’s Pride basix circular needles. Yesterday I shared a pattern for knitting a gingham baby play mat in Clean Cotton Big. This is super soft for babies!…

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Sampling with Clean Cotton Big yarn

Yesterday, I introduced Clean Cotton Big yarn by Universal Yarn and Knitter’s Pride basix birch circular knitting needles. Because the yarn is big, so are my needles! Starting with the needles, the cables on the Knitter’s Pride basix are sturdy. I store my circular needles in a hanging rack I…

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What’s good about the KnitPicks Yarn Swift?

After several years of winding yarn cakes using a generic wood swift, I was getting tired of several things when using it. My swift was made of unpolished birch, that although it wasn’t obvious at first sight, it was somewhat rough. It never ruined the yarn, but the yarn would…

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