leftover yarn

Knitting a versatile gift bag using leftover yarn

This week, we’ve been looking at ways to use up leftover yarn to make items for the 2018 holidays, and some of these projects are well suitable for other occasions throughout the year. Today’s knitted gift bag is a final addition to the possibilities. Deluxe Worsted Tweed Superwash is an…

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How to knit and finish sturdy gift boxes

Continuing with this week’s theme of knitting for the 2018 holidays with scrap yarn, I’ll show you how to knit little boxes that can hold jewelry, gifts, candy, and any number of little curios. Yesterday I showed you a crumb catcher doily knit with cotton. Today we’re moving into a…

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Coasting right into double knitting

This week I’m already getting ready for the holidays at the end of this year by knitting small quick projects with scraps and partial balls from last year’s knitting projects. Today I’ll show my attempts at using the double-knitting technique to make a coaster. You don’t have to say it.…

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