Knitting your Uptown Worsted cushion cover

If you’ve been reading along with us this week on KNITmuch, you’ll know we’ve been starting on a cushion cover project for the home, using Universal Yarn Uptown Worsted yarn in Sapphire colorway. In December we introduced some project options for the Uptown Worsted yarn, which is a versatile 100%…

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Try this ribbing to edge your knitted sweaters

Today we continue our exploration of ways to change a stitch pattern. Yesterday we looked at inserting a column of garter st to create a neatly reversible and almost mirror image stitch pattern. Today, we’ll try adding a column of knit stitches between each pattern repeat to create a ribbing…

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Adding stitches to a knitting stitch pattern

When a stitch pattern seems compact to you, or you don’t want an all-over effect, it’s a good time to add stitches to your knitting. The logical place to do so is in between the pattern repeats. In the above swatch, I added a stitch between each 5-stitch pattern repeat.…

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