red heart

Are you knitting slippers the hard way?

Red Heart’s yarn, With Love, is perfectly suited to making luxurious slippers for house guests. With the hot summer months upon us I, along with many others, may be guilty of turning the air conditioning onto the ‘deep freeze’ setting. However, when I have people over who wear sandals, their…

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Bathroom Benefits of Knitted Scrubby Cloths

Benefits of Using Scrubby Cloths in the Bath Most of this week has been about the uses of Scrubby cloths in the kitchen, but they also take the cake for uses in the bath. The room we clean the most is the kitchen, but the bathroom comes in at a close…

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Heart and Star Stuffies with Scrubby Yarn

Fun with Shaped Scrubby Stuffies The absolute best thing about knitting your own stuffedscrubbies are the fun shapes you can do. All the store bought scrub pads are usually round, let’s be honest, we are knitters and that round scrubber is boring! Let’s get onto some exciting shapes, like heart…

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