The benefits of knitting with Sashay Fringe yarn

Sashay your way onto the Fringe of Fashion Red Heart’s Sashay Fringe yarn is a very interesting and unique product, so I wanted to talk about my specific experiences making the Positive Pink Ruffles scarf pattern. The ruffle yarn, without the fur, was very popular in the not-too-distant past and…

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The Right Job for the Right Yarn

Are you Pairing Yarn and Project the Wrong Way? Last month, during the yarn review of Red Heart’s Boutique yarns Twilight and Infinity, I touched upon not using very colorful yarn for a project with an intense stitch pattern. This is a small part of a much larger iceberg that…

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Boutique Yarns Fur vs Sashay Fringe

Would You Like Fur with That? Today I am going to be talking about two Red Heart Boutique yarns, Sashay Fringe and Fur. These two yarns might look similar at first glance, but they could not be more different. It surprises me every time how much different two similar things…

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