Laid-Back Shawl Pattern

With the warmer weather slowly creeping up on us, it’s the perfect season for knitting shawls. The Red Heart pattern, Laid-Back Shawl, is considered an easy pattern and the perfect light accessory to go with any summer outfit. I’m thinking in the office particularly when the air conditioning is on…

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The sole of color-work in knitting

One thing I’m really looking forward to with Heart & Sole yarn is the color-work you can do! The solid colors are perfect for doing stitch work and using lots of colors. This can create some really interesting patterns. I saw a pair of socks that was completely made from…

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5 attributes of Red Heart’s Baby Yarns

The three yarns I’m reviewing this week are all ideal for baby projects, but set side by side they’re very different. I’ve managed to list five different attributes: texture, weight, fiber composition, color choices and ideal projects. Texture In terms of texture, these three baby yarns could not be more…

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