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Washed and unwashed Bamboo Pop

3 ways washing your knitting affects your gauge

In the picture below, the 10 stitches to the right are part of a washed swatch and the 10 stitches ...
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Bamboo Pop yarn

Knitting with bamboo-cotton yarn

When I first heard about bamboo yarn a few years ago, I was really curious what it would be like ...
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Phone cozy

Knit a phone cozy with pizzazz

What could be more fun to knit with some great cotton yarn that's been glitzed up? I thought a phone ...
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Short row tips for mitts or toes

Knitting with space-dyed yarns

I personally am thrilled with the variety of approaches Universal Yarn Inc. took to develop different colorways and dye methods ...
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Slouchy tam

Make a splash with Cotton Supreme Yarn

This is one of the variations on a theme that Universal Yarn Inc. has developed with their soft and light ...
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Easy child's sweater

Knitting for kids with Cotton Supreme yarn

I'm probably dating myself, but do you remember when blue jeans were stitched with this coppery orange thread? Was that ...
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Cotton Supreme swatches

Introducing a soft 100% worsted weight cotton yarn

For the last few weeks I've been swatching and designing with Cotton Supreme, a yarn by Universal Yarn Inc. that's ...
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Why not choose a bright color to keep your tea both cozy and cheerful? Tea cozies make great gifts, too.

Uptown Worsted yarn is ideal for tea cozy

To finish out our week of knitting with Uptown Worsted, we're showing off a finished tea cozy project! Tea cozies ...
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I reached for the bright cherry pink color for my tea cozy project.

Knitting a tea cozy with Uptown Worsted yarn

This week on KNITmuch we've been trying out a new yarn, Uptown Worsted. It's an anti-pilling acrylic yarn that has ...
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Are you new to cables? Try this basic cabled rib stitch and you'll be one step closer to being a cable expert.

Knitting a classic: cables and ribbing

We're continuing our tour of Uptown Worsted yarn this week, and break away from the knit and purl texture patterns ...
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This basketweave pattern is a versatile stitch, great for blankets, scarves, or children's sweaters.

The basketweave pattern makes a cool swatch

Yesterday we introduced Uptown Worsted yarn, and we're testing it out today with a very textured pattern you'll see over ...
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Uptown Worsted is new from Universal Yarns, and is a soft, springy, anti-pilling acrylic yarn. This is a versatile worsted weight yarn for a variety of projects!

Uptown Worsted: a new yarn to try

If you're a knitter like me, you never pass up the chance to try out new yarns. It's so easy ...
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