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3 stitches knit up the stunning honeycomb stitch

3 stitches knit up the honeycomb stitch

This week on KNITmuch, we're knitting a cushion cover using 4 skeins of Uptown Worsted. So far we've introduced the ...
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Grab 4 skeins of your favorite Uptown Worsted color, US7 [4.5mm] needles, and a cable needle, and you'll be ready to start this cushion cover.

Knitting your Uptown Worsted cushion cover

If you've been reading along with us this week on KNITmuch, you'll know we've been starting on a cushion cover ...
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This cushion cover uses a cable stitch pattern on one side, which is a different stitch gauge than with stockinette stitch.

Swatching for your Uptown Worsted cushion cover

Knit along with us this week on the KNITmuch blog as we work on an accent cushion top using Uptown ...
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This is what the finished project will look like! Can you think of a place this lovely pillow would go in your home?

Knitting for the home with Uptown Worsted

Greetings, fellow knitters! It's the start of a new year and finally winter weather has arrived, so doing some great ...
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Why not choose a bright color to keep your tea both cozy and cheerful? Tea cozies make great gifts, too.

Uptown Worsted yarn is ideal for tea cozy

To finish out our week of knitting with Uptown Worsted, we're showing off a finished tea cozy project! Tea cozies ...
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I reached for the bright cherry pink color for my tea cozy project.

Knitting a tea cozy with Uptown Worsted yarn

This week on KNITmuch we've been trying out a new yarn, Uptown Worsted. It's an anti-pilling acrylic yarn that has ...
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Are you new to cables? Try this basic cabled rib stitch and you'll be one step closer to being a cable expert.

Knitting a classic: cables and ribbing

We're continuing our tour of Uptown Worsted yarn this week, and break away from the knit and purl texture patterns ...
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This basketweave pattern is a versatile stitch, great for blankets, scarves, or children's sweaters.

The basketweave pattern makes a cool swatch

Yesterday we introduced Uptown Worsted yarn, and we're testing it out today with a very textured pattern you'll see over ...
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