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When knitting a hat with self-striping yarn you must be aware of how the colors are going to behave around any increases or decreases.

The NEW With Love Stripes yarn takes the ‘work’ out of ‘color work’

Finally we're onto the Color Block Hat. I noticed this pattern when scrolling through the other With Love patterns on the ...
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The photo from the pattern in a beautiful pink!

Alter the knitted Any Day Beret for summer wear

The Any Day Beret is something that really caught my eye when I was scrolling through Red Heart’s patterns. I ...
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Put the needle underneath and bring it up through that little space between the yarn and your thumb.

The 1 knitting cast on you can’t live without

Casting on is one of the most crucial skills a knitter will learn, and the backwards loop cast on is ...
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The texture of Red Heart's 'With Love' yarn lends itself perfectly to the Creative Cabled Cowl

Creative Cabled Cowl

The Easiest Cabled Cowl You'll Ever Memorize First thing I'm giving you on a Monday morning is the pattern for ...
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