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Altering a knitted dishcloth pattern to suit unusual cleaning purposes

As I mentioned on Wednesday, Scrubby Cotton was made to clean. If you don't believe me, check out this link ...
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Red Heart' Scrubby Cotton - one strand of Lemony flanked on each side by a strand of Jade. Lit from the top right of the photo, the texture is emphasized in the resulting shadows in the foreground.

5 tips for knitting with textured yarn

In my post on Monday, I briefly mentioned that Scrubby Cotton is a highly textured yarn and doesn’t flow the ...
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The pattern I used for this article knit up in With Love yarn. Knitting them in Scrubby gives them a really different look.

What amazing cleaning tool do you get when you cross Scrubby yarn and slippers?

Scrubby Cotton is the ideal yarn for dishcloths, but what else can you do with it? There are a lot ...
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This is a picture from an article I wrote about mixing cotton with Scrubby Sparkle for facial scrubbies. You can see the idea here about picking complementing colors with your two yarns if you're not able to pick exactly the same color. This picture helps to imagine what that thick plush scrubby would like!

3 yarns take your knitted dishcloths from simple to sensational!

In looking over the previous articles I have written about Red Heart’s Scrubby yarn, I realized I had not gone ...
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Scrubby Cotton in colors Coral, Lemony, Loofa, and Jade

The benefits and qualities of the NEW Scrubby Cotton yarn

I’ve covered Red Heart’s Scrubby yarn before, but now they’ve gone and made it even more irresistible. Red Heart brought ...
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