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The pattern photo from the Basketweave Pillow pattern

Knitting the Basketweave Pillow pattern and joining jumbo yarn

You might have chuckled as you read my post yesterday on how my jumbo yarn swatch turned into an arm ...
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Quick to Warm Poncho knit up in Red Heart’s Irresistible yarn in Enchanted colorway

3 knitwear patterns to make using Red Heart Boutique Irresistible yarn

We took a look yesterday at what sort of projects can be knit up with jumbo yarn to enhance the ...
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Oversized Cable Pillow in Burgundy

2 home decor patterns to knit using Red Heart Boutique Irresistible yarn

I’m very happy with how the over-sized blanket turned out yesterday. Have you chosen the colors for your knitting project ...
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Ta-Da! Huge blanket, knit up very fast with the very soft Red Heart Irresistible yarn

Casting off and weaving in ends, a tip at your fingertips for jumbo yarn

It’s great to have you back! Yesterday I got in the knitty-gritty of knitting with Red Heart Boutique Irresistible Yarn, ...
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My daughter’s blanket is very soft and textured at the same time. I placed a cup of 11oz to show you how big the ball of yarn is, and how big the knit is too. Red Heart Boutique Irresistible yarn in Taupe

The knitty-gritty of Irresistible yarn

Yesterday I looked at the fiber content and general appearance of Red Heart Boutique Irresistible yarn. Before I get into ...
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