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The fleck stitch pattern knit in Super Saver Pooling keeps the eye moving as it looks for a repeated color motif that isn't there.

Fleck stitch knitted in Super Saver Pooling

Yesterday I played with Red Heart Dreamy Stripes using bi-directional herringbone stitch, it offered quite an effect! I'll play some ...
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The soft purple, gray, pink, and white of this colorway of Red Heart Dreamy Stripes will be perfect for a baby blanket and the bi-directional herringbone stitch will give it a lot of body and warm, and is dense enough to keep out the fingers of the little ones.

Bi-directional herringbone stitch knitted in Dreamy Stripes

Knitting with fuzzy yarn like Red Heart Dreamy Stripes inspires me to find stitch textures that have a lace-like effect ...
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