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Blocking a lacey shawl makes the shawl spectacular!

by Cristina Simionovici

Yesterday we learned about lifelines in knitting lace and left the Arum Shawl knitted with Fibra Natura Kingston Tweed yarn soaking in warm water mixed with Soak detergent.

The Arum Shawl is soaking in water in a small white container next to a bottle of Soak detergent

Arum Shawl immersed in water with Soak detergent

After a few hours, I took the shawl out and wrung the water out of it. I prepared the KNITTER’S PRIDE Steel Blocking Wires Set for blocking the shawl. The set comes with 6 wires of 38”, 6 wires of 20”, 3 flexible wires of 38”, 20 t-pins and 1 measuring tape – everything you need for blocking.

Arum shawl, blocking wires and t-pins for blocking; KNITTER'S PRIDE Steel Blocking Wires Set

The finished Arum Shawl is ready for blocking using blocking wires set and t-pins.

I started inserting the long 38” wires through the edge of the shawl, every 4 rows, trying to be consistent with my threading. As the edge of the shawl was longer than the wires, I had to add two wires for each long edge.

Preparing the shawl for blocking by inserting the blocking wires close to the edge; KNITTER'S PRIDE Steel Blocking Wires Set

Inserting wires for blocking

I stretched the shawl and pinned the wires in place with the t-pins. Now I can admire the lacey pattern and wait for the shawl to dry.

This is what the blocked shawl looks like while I’m impatient and can’t wait for it to dry. But I’ll wait until it’s completely dry to let the blocking perform its magic.

The finished triangular-shaped brown Arum Shawl stretched with blocking wires and t-pins on a gridded mat; KNITTER'S PRIDE Steel Blocking Wires Set

Blocking the finished Arum Shawl

After the shawl is dry, I removed the shawl from the drying board and took out all the wires.

And here it is, drapey from the alpaca and viscose, warm from the wool and alpaca. The beautiful lace pattern in the Arum Shawl is showing in all its beauty after blocking.

The blocked Arum Shawl on a mannequin; Fibra Natura Kingston Tweed - Ochre

Blocked Arum Shawl in Fibra Natura Kingston Tweed – Ochre

Thank you for being with me while I completed a new adventure in knitting. Give Fibra Natura Kingston Tweed yarn a try. There are plenty of free patterns for this yarn, big or small projects, and for knitters of all levels. I liked the yarn a lot and I hope you will too!

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