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Effortless Fern Grotto lace swatch knitted in Bamboo Pop


We went deep into the benefits of Bamboo fiber, yesterday, but I’ve got to do one more lace stitch with this yarn because it just looks so darn good.

The Fern Grotto Lace stitch is from the same book as I talked about in Wednesday’s post. I wanted to see a stitch that had a little more elevation than one that was a flat lace stitch. This one looks like it has a cable, but it doesn’t really. Bamboo Pop can still show the stitch definition to the point of believable faux cables.


Fern Grotto lace in the color Grape
Fern Grotto lace in the color Grape


My feelings about cables notwithstanding, I really like this stitch. It lends a lot of movement to the garment. Your eyes naturally flow down through the stitches to the bottom of the swatch. It always reminds me of the calming effect of water. If you mixed this lace stitch with a few yarn overs in between the repeats, it would be a beautiful throw.


Bamboo Pop is the perfect yarn for lace stitches
Bamboo Pop is the perfect yarn for lace stitches


The shininess of this yarn is part of the reason all the stitches really pop. Even if you look at the garter stitch around the edge of the stitches. The purl bumps are shiny and pronounced while the space between is not. It’s very similar to the concept of contouring in makeup. You have certain features that need to be highlighted to make them stand out more. So any part of the stitch that is raised will be highlighted. The opposite is true as well; any depressed area will be shadowed. It’s like highlighting your cheekbones and bridge of your nose while shadowing the natural hollows.


Even in the ball you can see the shine.
Even in the ball you can see the shine.


No matter the stitch, your knitted garment will look amazing with Bamboo Pop. It’s the perfect yarn for baby blankets, throws, shawls, and will work well for just about any garment you want durability and excellent stitch definition.



This is part 5 of 5 in this series.

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  1. Alice

    I found a cute hanging kitchen towel. And would like to try to make it myself.
    It is garter stitch and then every fourth row is stocking stitch but every 6th stitch is from 3 rows lower.
    How do you do that and what is this pattern called.
    I can send you you a photo of it.


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