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Knitting up the Mosaic Cowl pattern in Bella Chenille Big!

by Michelle Nussey

Universal Yarn Mosaic Cowl pattern is a classic slip stitch pattern that’s easy to memorize and knits up incredibly quick. This is the knitted pattern I alluded to in yesterday’s post. With two colors, you can personalize this cowl any way you like. Bella Chenille Big comes in 11 different colors for you to mix and match, that’s 55 different combinations (for those of you doing the math at home).

The Mosaic Cowl is poofy, comfortable and warm!.

Bella Chenille Big is also the perfect yarn to wear directly against your skin. It’s incredibly soft in every way. I know there are some yarns where they seem soft, but once you’ve had them against your skin for any length of time they become uncomfortable, stiff, or itchy. This is definitely not the case with Bella Chenille Big. It feels like having a baby bunny snuggled in close to your neck.

The cast on edge in the colors Oatmeal and Blush

The pattern itself isn’t complicated and there’s no weaving in of ends at all. You knit with a main color (MC) and a contrast color (CC). When you’re asked to switch colors you simply carry the yarn up the inside the cowl.

The only thing you have to be careful about in this instance is to make sure you twist the yarn strands around each other as you switch colors. This will prevent a little hole from forming if your tension is a little loose. The easiest way to do this is place the balls on the couch beside you and ensure the strands are not twisted, then swap their positions. The strands will twist and you leave the twist in while you pick up the new color.

Since the pattern photo was done in highly contrasting colors, I tried to make this sample more coordinating, subtle colors to show an alternate look.

The slip stitch part of the mosaic pattern might feel a little odd to you if you’ve never done it before, but I guarantee you, it’s just as easy as it seems. The first time I did a slip stitch pattern I thought to myself “It can’t be this easy, I’m missing something”. Trust me, it is that easy!

As knitters, I think we have this unspoken fear of leaving a stitch open like that. We are worried about unraveling, because (let’s be honest) we’ve all had a dropped stitch or had something unravel on us.

Finished!! The complete look in the colors Oatmeal and Blush.

The Mosaic Cowl pattern is a perfect easy pattern that is going to ease you into working with Bella Chenille Big and make you fall in love with it. This is the definition of potato chip knitting.

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