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Colorful yarns, pleasurable knitting needles and gentle laundry products

by Cindy O'Malley

Welcome to another week at KNITmuch, where I’m knitting with Universal Yarn Bamboo Pop Sock. This stretchy, vibrant, and colorful, self-patterning yarn is 100% wool free and great for making cheerful socks, accessories, baby knits, and more. In addition, I’m using Knit Picks circular knitting needles for my projects. Once I complete my knitting, I’ll give everything a wash with Soak, a rinse-free laundry product that’s as gentle on your skin as it is on your clothes.

In addition to the 24 self-patterning colors, Bamboo Pop Sock is also available in another 22 solid colors. For my projects this week, I chose 2 self-patterning colors in Morning Glory and Wildflowers, and 2 solids in Equator and Jam.

Universal Yarn Bamboo Pop Sock, Bamboo Pop Sock Solids, Knit Picks Fixed Circular Knitting Needles, and Soak

Bamboo Pop Sock in colors Morning Glory, Wildflowers, Equator and Jam

When I showed the yarn to some of my friends, one remarked that Jam is right in line with the Pantone Color of 2023 – Magenta! I just had to check it out and sure enough, it is! Not only do I really like the color, but I’m right on trend, and there are a few different shades of Bamboo Pop Sock Solids in the magenta family that fits the bill as well.

Bamboo Pop Sock is comprised of 55% Bamboo, 37% Cotton, and 8% PBT; machine washable in warm, but recommended to lay flat to dry. Each 3.5oz [100g] ball contains 492yds [450m] of squiggly soft and cheerful yarn with a recommended gauge of 30sts x 36 rows = 4” [10cm] using a US1 [2.25mm] needle.

Strand of Bamboo Pop Sock Solid shows the squiggly characteristics of the yarn.

Squiggly strand of Bamboo Pop Sock Solid in Equator

Speaking of needles, as I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I’m also using Knit Picks circular needles this week. I already own a set of interchangeable Knit Picks, so I’m using both the fixed and interchangeable needles for my projects. I normally use metal, but this time I’ll use a set of Rainbow in addition to the nickel-plated needles. I’ll let you know how I fared at the end of the week.

I’ve used Soak to launder my knitwear for quite some time. It’s a great product for hand washing your knitwear or delicate fabrics. I’ve even used it in my washing machine on the hand wash and delicate cycles. It comes in unscented as well as scented, but as someone who gets congested around strong fragrances, I’ve never had that problem with any of the scented varieties.

If there are any pool players out there, you’ll appreciate the theme for this week – Stripes and Solids. The warmer weather projects I planned take full advantage of the self-patterning stripes of Bamboo Pop Sock as well as incorporating solids to maximize the effect.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow when I get to put both the yarn and the needles to the test. Please join me as I knit some swatches with Universal Yarn Bamboo Pop Sock and my Knit Picks circular needles.

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