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Final thoughts about knitting with Angora Lace yarn

by Luke Gilligan

Throughout the process of working with Wisdom Yarns Angora Lace this week, I was amazed and surprised by the yarn. It’s beautiful, and luxurious, but also well balanced and a joy to work with! Yesterday, I looked at how the characteristics of Angora Lace yarn influences the overall look of a knitted pattern.

When looking at the fiber content, I was nervous about the angora blend. I have found that angora can overwhelm the pattern and ‘blend’ any pattern together with the halo it creates.

Image of Angora Lace yarn in the colorway Spice Tree.

This was quite the contrary with this yarn! I found that the nylon content holds the angora and Merino together in such harmony, that it has some halo effect, but just enough to allow for the stitch patterns to be clearly defined. The yarn is also amazingly soft.

With some angora blends, the yarns can be scratchy, but Wisdom Yarns Angora Lace feels like it’s 100% Merino. It’s perfect for any pattern that might have direct contact with skin, such as sweaters, hats, mittens or scarves!

While working with the yarn, the process was so enjoyable. I found that the yarn slid with such ease over the needles as I knit, and it was soft to the touch! Sometimes, I find that when working cables my hands can get quite irritated because the yarn rubs and moves more than it usually does when working plain stockinette. I didn’t have that issue when knitting these cowls!

Image of the finished Syrah Cowl using Angora Lace yarn in the colorway Spice Tree.

Image of a finished Syrah Cowl using Angora Lace in the colorway Merlot.

There were only a few things that I observed that others could be frustrated by. The more the project is moved around or handled, the yarn does tend to pill. For some, that is frustrating, but I thought it made the halo of the angora more defined and blended together well with the pattern and was not an issue.

The yarn also tends to shed as you work with it! This doesn’t have any effect on the project or pattern itself, it’s more of a personal preference for some. I highly recommend this yarn, and am quite interested in what it would look like worked up in a sweater! I hope you enjoyed coming along with me on this brief knitting journey. I hope I’ve inspired your work with this stunning Wisdom Yarns Angora Lace yarn in the future! Give it whirl with the Syrah Cowl!

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