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Taking Bamboo Pop yarn for a “bumpy” ride

by Charles Voth

Leaning Bud Stitch and Deluxe DK Superwash, Crisscrossed Stitches and Universal Yarn Bella Chenille and Ridged Ribbing and Universal Yarn Cotton Supreme, are three of the textured stitches we’ve been experimenting with this week while revisiting favorite yarns. Today is no exception as we knit the Bump Stitch with Bamboo Pop by Universal Yarn. I wrote a series of KNITmuch blog posts about good textures and projects to make with Bamboo Pop, and Michelle Nussey wrote about the antimicrobial and hypoallergenic qualities of Bamboo Pop and shared some lovely stitch patterns as well. This truly is one of our favorite yarns at KNITmuch.

Ball of lavender purple Bamboo Pop yarn and a small swatch of knit ribbing and a pair of Knitter’s Pride Zing needles.

The name says it all. Textures truly pop with Bamboo Pop yarn.

The Bump Stitch is a less conventional way to make ribbing be more about columns of texture than elasticity. If you have a project that needs a decorative edge without the gather factor, this Bump Stitch ribbing will be the right application. BTW, how do you like my Knitter’s Pride Zing needles?! They’re so smooth to knit with and they come in Zing interchangeable circular needles and Zing double pointed needles too!


Bump-st = Knit through back loop of next st but leave on LH needle, wrap yarn around RH needle clockwise, bringing yarn from back over RH needle and return to back between two needle tips, knit same st together with next stitch through back loops.

K = Knit

K1dbl (knit 1 double) = Insert RH needle in next st, wrap yarn around needle twice and knit up both loops, slipping st of LH needle.

P = Purl

Prw1 (reverse wrap purl) = Insert RH needle as if to purl wrap yarn clockwise around RH needle tip, finish purl as usual.

Rep = Repeat(s/ed/ing)

Sl = Slip

Sts = Stitch(es)

Wyib = with yarn in back

Wyif = with yarn in front

Wrong side of bump stitch pattern swatch, knit with Bamboo Pop by Universal Yarn.

The wrong side of this stitch pattern has its own share of bumps and twists.

Pattern Instructions

Cast on a multiple of 5, plus 2.

Row 1: Wyib, sl 1, k1, p1, k1dbl, p1, bump-st, [p1, k1dbl, p1, bump-st] across to last 5 sts, p1, k1dbl, p1, k2.

Row 2: Wyif, sl 1, p1, [k1, wyif sl 1, k1, prw1, k2tog-tbl] across to last 5 sts, k1, wyif, sl 1, k1, p2.

Repeat 2 rows for pattern.

Let’s look at a video for some of the more intricate tips on working this stitch easily.

Universal Yarn Bamboo Pop showcases this ribbing pattern beautifully without compromising its stitch definition!

We have one more textured stitch pattern to introduce you to this week. Please come back tomorrow for the Lattice Stitch Lace pattern.

A swatch of lavender Bamboo Pop yarn.

The channels created in this ribbing with Bamboo Pop yarn are so appealing to the eye.

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