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FREE! KNITmuch Magazine Issue 2 Now Available!

Here it is!…the eagerly anticipated Issue 2 of KNITmuch Magazine! In this issue you’ll find 9 knitting projects, 14 knitting tutorials, 5 stitches to spice up your knitting like how to use twisted stitches, wrapped stitches, and how to make the eyelash stitch. You’ll also find that practicing patterns in a swatch is a great way to learn stitch patterns that can be applied to other knitting projects. There is a lot more within the pages of this fun and informative issue, explore it, enjoy it.

Browse through this issue FREE online at any time. However if you plan to download the PDF version, do it now! It’ll be FREE until the end of May 2016

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  1. Linda

    Your magazine looks exciting and there are several items on the front I would like to try. Thanks for sharing your beautiful works.

  2. Linda

    Love the looks of this magazine. Quite a few projects I would like to try.

  3. fiberlicious

    This was a great issue – thanks!

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