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Giving a shout-out to Whisper Lace yarn

by Charles Voth

This week I dove into the adventure of knitting with 2 different yarns held together. Yesterday, I shared the beginning of my experiments on using Whisper Lace yarn and Lina by Fibra Natura. In this post, I want to take a step back and highlight the strengths of Whisper Lace yarn.

Solids and Multis coordinate well, and there is at least one match for each one.

I was looking for a lace-weight yarn that contained at least 50% wool. It didn’t have to be superwash, but I did want a soft sheep’s wool for the elasticity and ‘blockability’. Whisper Lace is 70% superwash wool and 30% silk. I love this blend because the silk adds sheen and strength to the yarn.

This 2-ply S-twist yarn has a nice crimp and a nice sheen in each strand.

Whisper Lace comes in 14 luxurious solids and 14 well-coordinating multi-colored dye patterns. Because I was using a solid of the linen yarn, Lina, I decided to go with the Fern multi, which has cream, yellow, greens and a pale turquoise in the mix.

This soft wool-silk blend in this pastel colorway is the perfect blending yarn for my garment project.

One of the design elements I decided to include in this garment are lace panels. I needed to swatch with Whisper Lace to see how it behaved, so I chose to work some stockinette stitch and a small lace panel just to see how it looked. I decided to incorporate a lace parallelogram into the design. Here’s what it looks like close up.

This close up of Whisper Lace in mostly stockinette stitch is 1½” wide x ¾” tall.

In case you don’t want to wait until Thursday and Friday to see the design I’ve been working on, you can check out several projects that were designed for Fibra Natura to feature Whisper Lace yarn. Below you can see some lovely scarves and shawls with links to the patterns below the pictures.

The lace work and cables on the edge raise this Rime shawl to a new level of elegance. It only takes 3 balls at 440 yards each.

Free PDF of Rime Shawl Pattern In Whisper Lace.

This long, wide, lacy scarf shown in the Stonework colorway of Whisper Lace is called Augustine and used 2 balls of this yarn.

Free PDF of pattern for Augustine Scarf in the Stonework colorway of Whisper Lace.

I like Whisper Lace so much, that when I’m finished the original design for this week, the one where I blend the two yarns together, I’ll knit something out of this yarn on its own. It’s one of my favorite lace-weight yarns ever!

Coming soon to a free pattern download near you! This parallelogram lace motif will make a classic spring sweater classy.

Pure heathered and shiny goodness! I love Whisper Lace in its Ebony color! Mmm-mmm! I just had to share this photo with you.

Join me tomorrow as the adventure with Fibra Natura Whisper Lace and Lina continues.

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