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Knitting Rozetti Cotton Gold with another yarn

by Cynthia MacDougall

In this series of posts, we’re testing Universal Yarn’s Rozetti Cotton Gold, a fine yarn with sequins (or payettes) spaced evenly apart.

Monday’s post addressed step 1 – the yarn attributes, and yesterday’s post described step 2 — what I call a “benchmark sample”, where you take the manufacturer’s recommended gauge and needles, and make a sample. Each day we’re going to analyze the day’s sample to complete step 4, the analysis.

A photo of a swatch of Cotton Gold, with (from top) reverse stocking stitch, stocking stitch, and garter stitch.

Yesterday’s benchmark sample

Today and tomorrow we’re going to be branching out, which is step 3. Branching out is where the fun really begins. It’s a process of experimentation that can lead to creating your own design.

Branching out is a bit like doodling with yarn. I like to call it “playtime for the right brain.” It’s a great time to pull out a knitting stitch dictionary and test out some new stitch patterns. Today, though, we’re doing another simple pattern, with the addition of a second yarn.

One of the free patterns on the Universal Yarn website is the Halo and Sparkle Sweater. I drew inspiration from this piece to create today’s sample.

A cream colored sweater with gold sequins, long sleeves, and a scooped neck

The Halo and Sparkle sweater is a free pattern on the Universal Yarn website that uses Rozetti Cotton Gold and Amphora, worked with a strand of each yarn throughout

Having seen what the fabric made with yarns of similar color looks like, I opted to take the sapphire blue ball and knit it with cream-colored lace weight yarn.

I made this sample a little larger and also used larger needles — size US 7 [4.5mm].

A square made holding a strand of Cotton Gold with a strand of cream laceweight. Two strands of the cream laceweight were used to make a garter stitch frame.

The distribution of sequins on this sample of Cotton Gold with a cream colored laceweight yarn is quite attractive. Larger needles and a lace pattern would make a nice warm shawl.

Analysis: The sequins are well distributed, and combining a bold color with a neutral results in a blended shade that from a distance takes the bold out of the Cotton Gold color. This might be desirable, or a bolder blue similar to the Cotton Gold blue might be preferred.

A shawl made of Cotton Gold alone would be a striking piece to wear to a holiday event or black tie affair. Combining Cotton Gold with a rich wool or even a blend of acrylic, mohair, and alpaca, such as Universal Yarn’s Amphora, grounds the sparkle and makes a more subtle piece that could be worn on other occasions such as weddings, and perhaps even under a business jacket to the office.

What would you want to make from this sample?

This is part 4 of 5 in this series.
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Janet P. December 7, 2016 - 10:21 pm

I love this yarn-you could make this pattern be dressed up or down-so many ways.


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