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Creating knitted accents with Rozetti Cotton Gold yarn

by Cynthia MacDougall

In our last chapter of our work with Universal Yarn Rozetti Cotton Gold yarn, we’re looking at using it as a complement to another yarn. Knitters who like to work with fine yarns are going to want to keep reading.

A sapphire blue ball of Cotton Gold atop two soft, pale grey balls.

Rozetti Cotton Gold is a laceweight, sequinned yarn with 65% cotton, 27% paillettes and 8% twist of glitter yarn.

Today we continue to branch out with our “yarn doodling”. For this sample, I chose a soft, medium gray ball of laceweight yarn to complement the soft, light gray of the Cotton Gold.

As I knitted yesterday’s sample, I thought that a touch of Cotton Gold would look great near the face and it would also look nice with a fine knit fabric, so I picked up my size US 4 [3.5mm] needles, and started knitting a fine, stockinette stitch fabric. Once I had a few inches, I added the Cotton Gold to make a v-neck insert. Didn’t even pull a stitch dictionary for this one; I just went “organic” with a diamond pattern that would naturally fill the “V”.

A medium grey sample with a "V" insert of pale grey Cotton Gold, finished across the top with the same medium grey

A gray laceweight yarn combined with a “V” of Cotton Gold makes one daydream of a lightweight shell with a dash of sparkle

Analysis: If working this into a sweater or shell, I think I would choose a slightly paler shade of gray for the main yarn. Apart from that, there are SO many possibilities for this concept.

The “V” insert here could be done in a boatneck style, as shown, or a second “V” could be made in the Cotton Gold, to make a “v within a v” neck. The diamond could be made wider, with wide shoulders that would be draped in at the front to create a cowl front (or back!)

Speaking of the back, this concept could be applied to form a large diamond to make a dramatic fashion statement. On a smaller scale, this could be done on one (or both) sleeves, or even to make a gusset on a skirt for evening.

Now, I’m off to find a pattern for an asymmetrical triangle shawl to make with this yarn!

A green shawl/ scarf draped over a dressmaker's Judy with one end of the shawl threaded through large eyelets on the wide end of the shawl

I found JUST the thing! it’s called Pfeilraupe!

A skinny scarf in pale grey Cotton Gold with a long, thin blue stripe along one side of a very elongated triangle that has slots down the short side. The scarf is looped around the neck and the long, skinny end is threaded through the loops to create a graceful cowl.

I found JUST the thing! This pattern is called Pheilraupe. The original design is worked in a heavier yarn — a double knitting weight — but done in Cotton Gold it makes a sparkly accent to wear to a holiday party or other glamorous event!

This is part 5 of 5 in this series.
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