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Bamboo Bloom Cowl

Bamboo Bloom yarn makes knit cowl unique to you

First, I've got to say that I love how these photos turned out. I finally managed to catch the sheen ...
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Finished product!

6 essentials when knitting a holiday stocking with fur trim

You're not going to want to hang this on the mantle! With the holiday season soon approaching it’s time for ...
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Make sure this little guy sits on top of a nice even hat, and avoid twisting the cast on round!

Fixing a twisted cast on when knitting in the round

I'm glad you tuned in to find out how to fix a twisted cast on when knitting in the round ...
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What the top of your hat will look like with all the finished decreases.

Making decreases for your knitted hat

We're almost finished knitting our Top This hats this week on the KNITmuch blog! In our last post we talked ...
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So many animals to choose from!

Knitting a Top This hat

Summer is just getting started around here in Ontario, and I don't know about you but I always like working ...
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