Luigina Baratto

Knitting was always around me, but I only started knitting 4 years ago, when I decided to knit two socks at a time. Today, I can’t imagine a day without knitting. I also like to dabble in quilting, jewelry making, writing, and teaching. On my spare time, I enjoy retirement by signing up to half marathons and all sorts of crazy morning fitness classes.

Knitting is a cultural thing

Knitting is a cultural thing. The thing is, because I’m used to « knitting » in an English world, YouTube is my best friend when it comes to looking up something I don’t know how to do. I like to say that if « mom is not available, go to…

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Igniting the knitting fires

You’ll recall in yesterday’s post I was quite amazed at the difference in the response I got between hanging a poster all over town, and having my class advertized in La Vallee provincial newspaper, the newspaper having been the most effective! Let me continue my story and tell you about…

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Teach a knitting class and start a revolution

I’m fortunate to be retired and to spend my Canadian winters in the Italian Alps. The winters are tamer there, less snow, and a lightweight down-filled coat is all you need. Since I don’t ski, I wanted to occupy myself with other than patchwork and quilting, and so decided to…

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