Knitting to create the perfect fit

I hope you were encouraged to jump into lace knitting with both needles after reading my post yesterday, how to make lace knitting fun! I told you it was possible to love lace knitting. Today I’m sharing with you some of my secrets to making a top that fits you perfectly – not someone…

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How to make lace fun to knit!

My first post helped choose yarn with the right fiber content by looking at Unity Yarn by Fibra Natura, and yesterday we looked at how to pick the perfect color combination for our Graphite Tank. Today let’s cast on, and dive into the wonderful, wacky world of lace knitting. A confession about…

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Fiber content, the foundation of knitting

Knitting the Graphite Tank Top with Unity yarn This week I’ll be creating the Graphite Tank top using Unity yarn, a 100% natural fiber blended yarn by Fibra Natura. Unity yarn combines four different fibers: wool, cotton, bamboo, and linen; to create a perfect balance. There is a beautiful textural…

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