Cotton Gold

Knitting Rozetti Cotton Gold with another yarn

In this series of posts, we’re testing Universal Yarn’s Rozetti Cotton Gold, a fine yarn with sequins (or payettes) spaced evenly apart. Monday’s post addressed step 1 – the yarn attributes, and yesterday’s post described step 2 — what I call a “benchmark sample”, where you take the manufacturer’s recommended…

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Knit a benchmark sample using Rozetti Cotton Gold yarn

This week we’re making discoveries with Universal Yarn’s Rozetti Cotton Gold yarn. Now that we have examined the structure of the yarn, it’s time to start sampling. The next three days (including today) will each have a sample that will hopefully jumpstart your creativity. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post,…

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Knitting with Rozetti Cotton Gold yarn

When I was a young girl, I followed in my mother’s footsteps and had several penpals. It was an exciting day when the mail arrived and there was something for me! When I grew up, the mail became much less exciting, because most of the mail for me was bills!…

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