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Autumn Oak knitted hat keeps you warm in the winter too!

by Fiona Stevenson

At last, here we are at the final hat. We’ve moved from the easiest hats – Pike Street, Pomfret, and Basketweave – to the greatest challenge of the week – The Autumn Oak Hat using Universal Yarn Posh Alpca. Even more experienced knitters can enjoy working through the various cables that make up the oak leaf motif at the center. Throw in a bit of lace, and this project will have you fully engaged for a few hours. Cable needles at the ready. Let’s dive in!

A deep maroon red hat with a cabled oak leaf motif in the center and a soft pink and tan tipped fake fur pompom on top stands on a wooden desk.

Four hats in four days: last one – Autumn Oak hat. Get ready to cable!

Day four – Autumn Oak Hat

The cover page of the Autumn Oak Hat pattern with a tween girl wearing the super chunky deep orange hat.

Autumn Oak Hat pattern by Universal Yarn

I just love the extra, cozy warmth of alpaca! Did you know that alpaca is seven times warmer than sheep’s wool? It’s true! Today’s yarn of choice, Posh Alpaca by Universal Yarn, includes alpaca to make sure your head stays toasty  on cold winter days. Let’s look at the details of today’s yarn.

Color Mulled Wine

Weight Super Bulky

Amount 3.5oz [100g]

Yardage 98yds [90m]

Fiber Content 45% wool, 30% acrylic, 25% superfine alpaca

Machine Washable No!

Drying Lay flat to dry

Two balls of dark maroon colored Posh Alpaca yarn sit on a gray fake fur throw with a tan pompom laying on top, and with a fire in a white stone fireplace in the background.

Posh Alpaca in Mulled Wine colorway is perfectly cozy!

Posh Alpaca is the only yarn this week that requires hand washing and drying to flat. Both wool and alpaca, unless they are superwash, will felt and shrink if they’re put in a washing machine. Don’t try it, or you’ll end up with a nice hat for your cat. The other thing to note with this yarn that isn’t mentioned on the label, it is soft spun. This means that it’s very loosely twisted and not plied. I recommend knitting needles with a more blunt tip. I had lace tips, and they split the yarn very easily which slowed me down a bit.

skill level Intermediate/Advanced – knit, purl, cabling, lace

finished measurements 18½” [47cm]





Note: It takes 5 minutes to make a pompom using Clover Pom-Pom Maker! We describe it in detail with step-by-step photos in our earlier post, A knitted beanie is enhanced by twisting stitches in the ribbing

gauge 12 sts x 16 rnds = 4” (10cm) in Reverse Stockinette with larger needles

Ready, set,…watch video?

You expert cablers can dive into this pattern, no problem. If, however, you’re not so confident; I have a few videos you can watch that will walk you through these challenging cables and other  unique techniques. There is also a little bit of basic lace in this pattern which I won’t be covering, so make sure you’re comfortable with the stitches in the Abbreviation section of the pattern. I’ve made video tutorials for 1×2 RPC, m1-3, RPCDec, LPCDec, and the S2KP2. Any other stitches you are unsure about you should be able to find tutorials online. As a bonus, in the first video share how to cable without a needle. It’s my favorite way to work cables!

Even if you think you know how to do the m1-3 stitch, I found a little problem with the stitch as written. In the video I explain how I solved it. The video is on a piece that is being knit flat , however, it still applies for knitting in the round.

The next two videos cover the most complicated cables in the hat: RPCDec & LPCDec. They are both cables and decreases at the same time.

I added this last quick video as I came across the S2KP2 stitch, because I thought it might just be complicated enough to be confusing without it.

Across the finish line!

This hat was more of a challenge than all the others, but totally worth it! It took me just over three hours to knit, but that was partly down to a couple of mistakes I made that I had to rip out and reknit. Once blocked the oak motif really pops. I think I may make another one in a lighter color for an even more dramatic effect. I hope you love your new Autumn Oak hat!

A photo collage of 4 individual chunky hats with a photo of all the hats together in a basket at the bottom center.

Congratulations! Four hats knit up in four days to keep you and your loved ones warm this winter.


Can you believe it’s only been four days, and now you have four new hats! I hope you enjoyed knitting up these satisfyingly quick, super cozy, on trend bulky hats. I look forward to seeing you again in the spring for my next week of fun knitting together.

This is part 5 of 5 in this series

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