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Feels Like Butta yarn knits up soft beyond belief!

by Fiona Stevenson

Normally, I don’t like to do a straight up yarn review, but every once in a while, there’s a yarn that just blows me away. Feels Like Butta from Lion Brand Yarns is one of these exceptions. Like the name suggests it really is buttery soft! It’s silky and squishy at the same time, so it’s just perfect for knitted baby blankets and clothes. I find myself also contemplating on the kind of knit stuffed animal I would like to make. I love it when a yarn engages my imagination, and Feels Like Butta has done just that.

Two balls of Feels Like Butta, pink and gray, are nestled in lush grass while the beginning of a baby blanket rests on a couple of large rocks.

Feels Like Butta lives up to its name!

Beyond just how it feels, the stitch definition is glorious! I’m working a simple knit stitch for this week’s knit baby blanket project (I Wanna Knit a Blanket by Lion Brand), and I keep staring at how crisp the stitches are. It almost looks like I’m doing a special pattern like seed stitch, but it’s just simple garter stitch. I’m really looking forward to trying cables with Feels Like Butta later this week. I think they’re gonna pop!

A striped pink, white, and gray baby blanket in the process of being knit shows off garter stitches.

The loft of this yarn makes the stitch definition out of this world!

Just so you know how extraordinary it is for me to love this yarn so much, I’ll make a confession to you. I’m a yarn snob. I use almost exclusively natural fibers. There was a time when acrylic would never cross the threshold of my yarn stash, but I’ve discovered acrylic has its uses. Because it’s cost effective, I can complete larger projects, like blankets, without blowing the yarn budget. Most acrylic is machine washable, so I use it for projects that are being knit for friends and family who don’t want to provide extra special care like hand washing.

I make baby knits exclusively out of acrylics or superwash yarns. Dads and moms will know that baby clothes, blankets, and stuffies are forever covered in… let’s not say what. They need durability to endure frequent washings. So, in the case of these kinds of knits I prefer acrylic yarn. Feels Like Butta doesn’t make acrylic feel like a sacrifice, because, well, it feels like butta! I think I’ve found my new go-to yarn for infant/toddler knits.

This week I’m taking advantage of all the benefits of Feels Like Butta yarn. I’m also helping beginner knitters get out of the scarf or dishcloth trap with four beginner projects that will make one great baby shower gift set. Starting with the aptly named I Wanna Knit a Baby Blanket pattern by Lion Brand Yarns I will add three more projects, all free downloads in this week’s posts, that will be perfect to help beginner knitters build their skills. Each project will lead into the next starting with the simplest flat garter stitch knit and ending with a cute knit-in-the-round plushy. All you need to know for the first project is the knit stitch, and purl stitch is used in the next two projects, so if you know only how to do these two stitches then you’re good to go!

There will be information and tutorials to guide you from baby blanket to a pom pom hat then booties, and finally a cuddly little caterpillar. Each project builds on the next, giving beginner knitters all the skills required to take their knitting to the next level…and next…and next. Come back tomorrow, and I’ll get you started on the I Wanna Knit a Baby Blanket with instructions on YO increases, K2tog decreases, color changes, and finishing details.

The “I Want to Knit a Baby Blanket”, Pom Pom Baby Hat, Booties, and Cuddly Caterpillar made with Feels Like Butta in pink, white, and gray stripes are displayed together on a white wooden table.

By the end of this week, you can learn to make all of these.

This is part 1 of 5 in this series

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