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If you’ve been knitting for a longer amount of time – long enough that you’ve done enough knitting projects to think of yourself as “A Knitter,” then you may every so often start to find yourself in a rut. You still love knitting, you still look fondly at the yarns on your shelf and the projects you’ve made, but you’re just not feeling as excited about it at this particular moment. You want to push past that feeling and get back to feeling excited about your knitting again. more…

About Glenna C

Glenna took up knitting as stress relief while studying for her PhD in Toronto, then kept right on going. Her knitting and design philosophy is guided by a desire to constantly seek new challenges with interesting techniques and beautiful results, through cables, colour-work, and more. She loves reading, photography, yoga, film and television, and believes in knitting fearlessly and often.

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  1. Marie Risdon

    Thank for the free preview of your magazine, new ideas for knitters new and older, with lots of great instructions can’t wait for the next issue.

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