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Sweater knitting season will soon be upon us, my dear knitter friends, and if you’re like me you’re already knitting twelve new fall sweaters in your mind. Well, I am also currently knitting 1 sweater in actual reality, but the twelve in my mind are really super too and if I could cast on all of them all at once, I would. I just finished and sent off one design sample and even though I still have things on the needles, it’s like it’s freed up one “sweater space” in my knitting life so I’m thinking about the next sweater(s) again. more…

About Glenna C

Glenna took up knitting as stress relief while studying for her PhD in Toronto, then kept right on going. Her knitting and design philosophy is guided by a desire to constantly seek new challenges with interesting techniques and beautiful results, through cables, colour-work, and more. She loves reading, photography, yoga, film and television, and believes in knitting fearlessly and often.

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