Bamboo Pop

Taking Bamboo Pop yarn for a “bumpy” ride

Instructions for the knitted Bump Stitch: If you are a combination knitter, you know about the combination purl and how it leaves the stitch orientation the opposite to English-style purl stitches. The combination purl makes the Bump Stitch much easier to knit; using Universal Yarn Bamboo Pop and Knitter’s Pride Zing knitting needles! Free knit stitch patterns

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Knitting with Bamboo Pop yarn for a friend

Yesterday I went over the Ocean Lace stitch by Melissa Leapman, today I’ll talk about Bamboo Pop and for whom you should be knitting. We all have those for which we want to knit. Using bamboo yarn, being a relatively new fiber in the yarn world, it’s important to know…

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The Waffle Stitch using Bamboo Pop yarn

Since the Clematis Cowl stitch worked out so well decided to try out other stitches. Bamboo Pop really is the perfect yarn for stitch work. The cotton bamboo blend will hold its structure well. You won’t have to worry about the stitch getting distorted with blocking and age. One of…

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