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The adventurous ladies of Valpellina.

Circular needles rule! I won the revolution.

To my delight, Week 4 was a resounding success. Not only did the group finish the first pair of socks, ...
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Family and friends got awesome socks for Christmas!

Teach a knitting class and start a revolution

I'm fortunate to be retired and to spend my Canadian winters in the Italian Alps. The winters are tamer there, ...
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Make sure this little guy sits on top of a nice even hat, and avoid twisting the cast on round!

Fixing a twisted cast on when knitting in the round

I'm glad you tuned in to find out how to fix a twisted cast on when knitting in the round ...
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The crown of your hat after all the decreases are finished.

Finishing your knitted hat the right way

We're finally ready to finish up our Top This! hats now that we're at the end of the week. Finishing ...
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Knitting in the round requires either circular needles or double-pointed needles.

2 Ways to knit a hat in the round, which is better?

Have you ever knitted a project "in the round" before? If you haven't, a whole world of new projects and ...
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So many animals to choose from!

Knitting a Top This hat

Summer is just getting started around here in Ontario, and I don't know about you but I always like working ...
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