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The adventurous ladies of Valpellina.

Circular needles rule! I won the revolution.

To my delight, Week 4 was a resounding success. Not only did the group finish the first pair of socks, ...
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Heel with flap

Knitting is a cultural thing

Knitting is a cultural thing. The thing is, because I'm used to « knitting » in an English world, YouTube ...
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Knitting two socks at once with circular needles

Igniting the knitting fires

You'll recall in yesterday's post I was quite amazed at the difference in the response I got between hanging a ...
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A sock I knitted, pattern by A. Zilboorg

Privacy? What privacy? An ad for the knitting class

We left off yesterday, on a Monday, when I had enough yarn, enough posters put up about town, some circular ...
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Family and friends got awesome socks for Christmas!

Teach a knitting class and start a revolution

I'm fortunate to be retired and to spend my Canadian winters in the Italian Alps. The winters are tamer there, ...
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