michelle nguyen

1 knitting pattern to show someone you love them

This week we’re working with two yarns by Red Heart — Baby Hugs Light and Baby Hugs Medium. Red Heart paired their Baby Hugs yarn with a pattern for called Valentine’s Day Mug Hug which I believe isn’t just for Valentine’s Day. This is such an adorable knitted pattern to show someone…

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The creme de la knitting creme cotton yarn

This week we’ve got two beautiful yarns from Red Heart; the one I’m going to go over today is called Creme de la Creme. This is a worsted weight cotton that comes in so many colors it will give you some serious indecision. This is a yarn that I get…

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Cordial yarn is ideal for a knitted market backpack

Cordial yarn takes us to the market again Last year on KNITmuch I shared the pattern for a shopping bag using Red Heart’s Cordial yarn. This year I’m sharing the pattern to make a knitted backpack, since Cordial yarn is ideal for these types of knitted projects. It’s always easier…

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