2 home decor patterns to knit using Red Heart Boutique Irresistible yarn

I’m very happy with how the over-sized blanket turned out yesterday. Have you chosen the colors for your knitting project using Red Heart Boutique Irresistible Yarn? It’s super trendy and quick!

Huge blanket, knit up very fast with the very soft Red Heart’s Irresistible yarn for my daughter

The over-sized blanket in a modern setting.

Here are some super quick projects that will add punch or comfort to your living space.

Oversized-Cable Pillow

Knit up in the rich Burgundy color, using an eye-catching cable. It can be knit up in an afternoon using 4 balls of Irresistible yarn.

Oversized Cable Pillow in Burgundy

Basketweave Throw

Oh yes, looks and IS really snuggly…Knit up in Denim (nothing says comfort and cool like denim, right?) this throw will take about 9 hours to knit up after casting on only 32 stitches! The basketweave stitch is at the same time easy to knit with added interest. It measures 48” x 50”.

Basketweave Blanket in Denim

Cool Comforts Knit Throw Revisited

This is the throw I introduced in the Monday post, where I used the instructions to knit up my daughter’s jumbo blanket. This is a great basic throw that could be modified in so many ways.

  • Make it smaller, and use it as a rug for your bedroom or den. It’s thick enough to have a soft and inviting feeling for feet. I would place a thin layer of carpet rubber underneath to avoid slipping and make it extra plush.
  • Make it as instructed and incorporate the cable from the Oversized-Cabled Pillow I linked to above. (Buy extra yarn — the cable will gobble it up!)
  • Make it a rug for your favorite furry family member.

Cool Comfort Throw is versatile pattern in which you can use the information in these instructions to work a smaller or larger blanket, as the one featured in this week’s posts.

You’ll very likely find more patterns on the internet that you can use with Red Heart Boutique Irresistible yarn to make your living space truly irresistible.

Join me tomorrow, for 3 quick to make knitwear items.

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