3 tips for knitting with Bella Chenille Big – pattern, gauge and weight

Bella Chenille Big is obviously a big yarn, it’s right there in the title. For any extreme size of yarn, there are techniques that can make your knitting experience a relaxing and enjoyable one.

Bella Chenille Big in the color Indigo

First of all the pattern. This yarn is very bulky, but also very soft. This is an excellent yarn to make something to wear against the skin, as in the Mosaic Cowl I talked about in yesterday’s post (free pattern!).

This yarn lends itself extremely well to accessories. It’s possible to make things like sweaters and socks, but the bulk of the yarn will make that a very specific type of garment. The sweater would be a very thick and chunky sweater, something with a lot of room to move around. The socks would be something along the lines of reading socks or slippers. They would not be something you have on your foot and then put a shoe on.

I think this is my favorite color of all the vibrant colors in the Bella Chenille Big collection.

Most of the reason for this is the gauge. In Monday’s post, I mentioned gauge and how a 4 x 4″ [10 x 10cm] square is 6 stitches and 9 rows in Bella Chenille Big. Any garment you’re knitting will be something a little looser. If you pare down that gauge, it’s roughly 1.5 stitches per inch. That means to make a fitted garment, increasing or decreasing one or two stitches would alter the fabric by an inch. That’s a huge amount. Plus, you know how they say the camera adds ten pounds? A form-fitting chunky sweater does something similar. Keep it open and airy!

Another 4 x 4″ [10 x 10cm] swatch, in the color indigo and stockinette stitch.

When knitting items that will take more yarn, remember to take frequent breaks. The Bella Chenille Big yarn is heavy and you won’t be accustomed to carrying it around.

Even if it’s just sitting on your lap, you need to lift and turn and shift the knitting. That ends up being a lot of weight pulled around. Be sure to even the strain on your hands and be aware that you may not be able to knit for the same amount of time as you usually do with this yarn, especially if you have hand or wrist issues.

That’s a lot of stitches on that needle.

Knitting with large yarn like Bella Chenille Big is a specialty project. It’s not your everyday knitting, so ensure you choose your pattern and techniques wisely.

Join me tomorrow for knitting fun with Bella Chenille Big!

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