4 Tips for Knitting through the Summer

I know the weather is getting warmer and a lot of knitters are thinking about putting the needles away for a season, but you don’t have to! I’ve compiled at least 4 tips for knitting through the summer while still managing to dodge heat stroke. Carefully picking your projects and fibers will make all the difference in the world.

Red Heart’s With Love in the color Hot Pink!

Suitable Projects
I know the mind immediately jumps to hand knit socks, scarves, sweaters and hats when someone says knitting, but there are so many other useful things out there to knit! Summer is a time when we can explore that list and not have to worry about freezing our tails off if we don’t get something done asap.

A few ideas for good summer projects would be tank tops, shrugs, cowls, headbands, sarongs, bathing suit covers open and airy sweaters.

Drink cozies

Think Small
If you’re knitting an afghan in August, you should carefully time your knitting for highly air-conditioned places. When you knit, the project you’re working on will rest on you and a huge blanket is not exactly beach knitting. If you’re looking to knit an afghan or sweater immediately, do it in pieces; granny squares are an excellent stash-busting tool! I would suggest very small projects that can be carried around in a purse.

Red Heart’s With Love yarn in the color Fruit Punch.

Appropriate Fibers
The fiber you choose will definitely differ from season to season; wool is an excellent choice for fall and winter, but not many people have the fortitude to make one in the summer. Yarn in light fibers, like cotton, will be cooler to knit and you can make a small project like a dishcloth.

Lacey summer shawl

Loose Gauge
The tighter you knit, the warmer that garment will be. For summer anything with a loose gauge or an open weave will serve you well. The open stitches or lace work will let the air pass through and keep you cool on hot summer days. One unintended benefit of loose gauge, the garment is going to work up really fast.

The tighter you knit, the warmer that garment will be.

With these 4 tips for knitting through the summer there’s no excuse to have a summer hiatus from your knitting. Keep your needles in action and explore projects you wouldn’t normally. Who knows, summer may be the season where you expand your horizons and take your knitting to the next level.

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Gina Johnson May 19, 2016 - 11:01 pm
Love these tips!! I love to knit. I want to knit all the time and I live in South Georgia, where outdoors(and sometimes indoors, even) is like a sauna 9 months out of the year. Thanks so much for this blog post!!
Michelle Nguyen May 21, 2016 - 1:04 pm
You're very welcome! I have so much respect for those who live in very warm climates and still manage to knit. I'm glad you liked these tips! What keeps you knitting when it is that hot out?
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