A boring hat? Never again with this easy knitting pattern

I was thrilled that Red Heart already had a pattern for a Messy Bun Hat! These hats have been all the rage lately; Pinterest, Etsy, and Ravelry. With winter hats, your hair is always messed up. It’s either crushing your ponytail or unraveling your bun and when you re-do your hair indoors, it’s static and frizz city! This hat is the perfect combination of ease and style.

The Messy Bun hat knitted in Baby Hug Medium with the color Aloe

Since we talked about changing the needle sizes yesterday, this is the perfect pattern to try out with those new skills. The pattern is written for an Aran weight yarn, or medium weight. If you’re looking to simply knit the pattern with no fuss, you can start knitting straight away with Baby Hugs Medium.

If you want to see how needle size changes you gauge, pick up a skein of Baby Hugs Light and start swatching.

Baby Hugs Light in the colors Shell, Frosting, and Dolphin

Usually, when I pick up my needles to knit samples I choose another color from the yarn used in the pattern photo. However, in this case, I printed off the pattern earlier in black and white. When it came time to knit my own hat, I just picked up my favorite color of Baby Hugs Medium and cast on immediately. It was not until I was taking pictures later and pulled up the pattern on my computer screen that I realized I had knit the Messy Bun Hat in a very similar color to the pattern picture!

The pattern picture from the Red Heart pattern. The model can display her beautiful ponytail and the features of this hat much better than I can.

Red Heart’s Messy Bun Hat is such a nice pattern to knit. This style of hat is a garment that I could knit forever, it boasts clean lines and Baby Hugs yarn adds to it a polished look.

The crown decreases create this beautiful swirl effect that adds a little bit of interest leading up to the top of the hat. Let’s be honest here, the real focal point of this hat is supposed to be your own hair! A messy bun or a pony tail through the opening left at the top of this hat.

You can see the crown decreases in this photo. They are on a bit of a diagonal and swirl up to the top of the hat.

The Messy Bun Hat pattern is very easy to follow, there are no instructions that would trip up a novice knitter. Advanced knitters, this is the perfect palate cleanser if you have just come off a very large and intricate project.

I like to knit a nice easy pattern between large and intricate works. It helps to keep my mind and fingers fresh. In addition to keeping your mind in the present moment, there’s definitely someone in your life who could use a hat like this. I’ve already received several orders from my younger cousins.

This is the best ponytail I could do on short notice. While my ponytail may be lacking, you can see the crown detail at the top of the hat.

It’s still cool enough to warrant wearing a hat outside, but that doesn’t mean we must continue the season of hat hair. Flaunt your ponytail or messy bun and knit Red Heart’s Messy Bun pattern. Don’t forget to knit a version with Baby Hugs Light on larger needles for a more open knitted fabric. It’s the perfect winter-spring transitional headpiece.

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