Bella Cash yarn makes knit textures sing!

This week we’ve looked at the virtues and beauty of Universal Yarn Bella Cash yarn and different ways to knit it to enhance its beauty. Yesterday we looked at using 3 colors together using the knitting the stitch below technique. Today, we’ll stick to one color, with a focus on knitting textured patterns with this lovely wool-nylon-cashmere blend.

Twisted stitches, lace eyelets and garter stitch all look amazing in Bella Cash.

In this swatch, you can see that I’ve used some garter stitch, some ribbing, some lace stitches, and some picots to test Bella Cash’s ability to make texture pop. It doesn’t disappoint.

This shawl is still a design in progress. I haven’t got it looking quite the way I’d like, but I can use this piece to show how Bella Cash does so well with texture. The flame-like motifs or the ones that remind me of the peaks of meringue on a lemon pie, or a swirl of soft-serve ice cream are made with a ribbing that has twisted knit stitches on one side and twisted purl stitches on the return rows. Some yarns that are worked in a twisted rib become taut and stiff. Not Bella Cash: it’s still as soft as ever, yet structurally, it holds up quite well.

Bella Cash stays soft and pliable even in twisted ribbing

The garter stitch sections of this swatch are super cushiony, and very squooshy. It’s so hard not to make up adjectives that describe how soft these garter stitch triangles are. The stitches are even, and the amount of twist in this yarn really makes it easy to get even tension.

Garter stitch wedges are used to create the increases for this shawl pattern.

The yarn-over eyelets and the open stitches that aren’t twisted also hold their own in this yarn. They frame the columns of twisted stitches nicely and, when necessary, close up to bring the flame motifs to a point.

As a crocheter, I find knitting picot tips so much more work than crocheting them, but I try not to shy away from a challenge, so here, too, I dug in all the way. I worked some purl-stitch picots along the edge of this swatch and feel a little ho-hum about them. I think I’m going to need to find a Pinterest board that just has picot edgings!

The picots on the edge of this sample are made with a multiple increase and then a purl bind off.

Thanks for joining me this week as we looked at Bella Cash yarn, and how to substitute it for either an inferior or too pricey yarn, how not to knit Brioche, how to knit 1 below, and how Universal Yarn Bella Cash beautifully shows off textured stitches.

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Rebecca July 2, 2017 - 9:42 pm
I love the lacework!
golden storm June 30, 2017 - 7:33 pm
looks lovely,,my grandma used to knit like this
Rebecca W June 30, 2017 - 4:23 pm
This looks like a very soft yarn that would be perfect for a baby blanket.
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