Clean Corner to Corner with Red Heart’s Scrubby yarns

Another free pattern Red Heart has up on their website is the Corner-to-Corner Scrubby. This is one of the Scrubby patterns that has a loop on the end of the dishcloth for easy hanging and drying ability. It’s the first pattern I’ve seen with the scrubby variegated colors, which are new.

This is the Corner-to-Corner Scrubby featured in the pattern on Red Heart’s website. The color is Jelly!

This is the perfect beginners pattern. Anyone I teach to knit, I usually start them on a dishcloth. It’s a small square that won’t take too long and will actually be useful on a daily basis. A dishcloth is also something that most people are looking to make. The story that comes up most often is a family member or friend knit some dishcloths and they were the best dishcloths this person had ever used.

A dishcloth knit up in Scrubby and Scrubby Sparkle mix

I really like this pattern because it isn’t your regular cast on X amount of stitches knit for X amount of inches and bind off. You start on the corner and increase, when you get to the middle, you start decreasing. It’s knit as a diamond rather than a square and the hanger is fastened on at the end. Since the construction is a little unusual, I would make it a second project rather than a first.

A closeup of Scrubby and Scrubby Sparkle mix

I like the idea of knitting this scrubby in a solid color and finding the same color in cotton and pairing it with the Scrubby Sparkle. The cotton and Scrubby Sparkle, I would make longer so it was more of a dish towel than a dishcloth. I have one of these hanging from my stove right now and it’s the most used towel in the kitchen. It’s so convenient to be right on the oven handle at hip height. I always walk by and rub my fingers on this particular towel.

You can see how the mix of Scrubby Yarns really change the color and texture of your scrubbies when they’re knit up!

If you were to get Scrubby, Scrubby Sparkle and a cotton yarn all in the same color, there’s no telling where the accessories would end! I’m a great fan of matching so I feel confident that should I ever find a cotton in the right color of orange, these dish cloths will dominate my kitchen. It’s been fun to review the many possibilities of play using Red Heart’s Scrubby and Scrubby Sparkle.

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Raven Grey December 21, 2016 - 6:38 pm
I have made some knitted wash cloths but yours are much cooler with that scrubby yarn. I love the stuffed star shape idea!
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