Easy patterns to knit with Uptown DK Magix

Now that I’ve described the anatomy of Uptown DK Magix and looked at its resilience in the laundry, and studied its colors, I’m sure you’d like to see what you could knit with this yarn.

Uptown DK Magix in the colorway Summer Flies would be perfect for a light between-seasons top or a child’s sweater.

One good way to use Uptown DK Magix is to pair it with a solid-colored yarn from the Uptown DK line. In this sweater called ‘Hey Baby‘ we can see the colorway Yellow Slumber knit together with a complimentary granite gray. The solid-colored ribbing and pompom in the contrasting color makes the subtle colors of Yellow Slumber really pop.

Combine a solid Uptown DK yarn with one of the Uptown DK Magix colorways for a vibrant look!

Uptown DK and Magix yarns don’t have to be used for kids’ knits only. Here’s a seamless cowl with a unique texture stitch pattern knit with the Purple Party colorway of Magix and combined with the solid color, silver. This warm cowl can be worn right next to the neck with no fear of prickliness.

This seamless cowl uses 1 skein each of Uptown DK Magix and a solid color of Uptown DK.

The designer who came up with the next free pattern combines squares knitted in the Roman Stripe quilting design connected with solids that complement Uptown DK Magix. Some of them are paired with several Magix colorways in this blanket pattern.

Roman stripe squares knitted on the diagonal are joined log-cabin style in a join-as-you-go fashion to perfectly combine solid shades of Uptown DK and self-striping Uptown DK Magix.

This stunning blanket makes the most of these self-striping yarns and highlights them by framing them in intensely saturated solid colors.

Tomorrow, I’ll show you a fun pattern to make. Did you happen to notice the shape the swatches from yesterday? Well, I’ll show you what they became and give you a recipe instead of a pattern to make your own version of this project with Uptown DK Magix.

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